Manufacturer Model: 84701
Dimensions: 5
Case/Pack: 3/12
Case Weight: 20.00 lbs
Case Length: 20.00 in.
Case Width: 14.25 in.
Case Height: 12.00 in.
Cube: 1.98
Reston Lloyd Azure 4 in One (Measure, Cook, Pour & Store) Stock Pot
U.P.C. Code: 0-36588-84701-0
This enamel on steel 1.5 quart stock pot which comes in the Calypso Basic bright color line of red, lemon, lime, azure, pink and white is not only functional but fun. The pot is simple to use, just measure your ingredients by using the measuring gauge on the side, cook in the pot on any gas or electric stove, pour your final dish on your serving plate and finally use the handy lid to store the left orders away. The 4inOne is perfect for small jobs, single living; measure, cook, pour then store!
Retail Price $25.99.

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