Cooking can be a drag when you are tired. The fast food industry has monopolized on that so well that we don't even question eating out. Cooking shows are prepared by dozen's of people in the background, so it's unrealistic to think all our ingredients will just divide themselves into pinch bowls for us. Cooking in clay is easy, actually easy, no extra staff needed to make a good meal.

So lets try for our first recipe, Lemon Chicken


3 or 4 Qt. Size Romertopf (any series)
1 Spring Chicken (which will fit in your pot)
4 Potatoes Cubed or Sliced
Seasoning to Taste (which only means salt, pepper, etc.)
Juice and Peel of Half a Lemon
4 oz Sour Cream
4 oz Water


    1. Soak the lid of your Romertopf for 20 minutes

    2. Clean the chicken and add seasoning on both inside and out

    3. Squeeze lemon over it

    4. Mix the sour cream, water, parsley  and some grated lemon peel

    5. Pour the cream sauce into the Romertopf and place the chicken on top

    6. Slice or cube potatoes, then put them around the chicken

    7. Cover and place in Cold oven

    8. Set temperature to 425°F and cook for one hour (lower temp is ok, you just need to extend the cook time)

    9. Remove lid and cook for 10 minutes to get a little extra browned top if you like extra crispy crust results. Your chicken will brown with the lid on.


    You can take the chicken out and use your cutting board to cut and serve. But one of the great things about the Romertopf is that you can just serve from the pot. So we recommend putting the entire pot on a cutting board (like the one we sell or any version) and just put on your table. You then have a pretty dish on your table, the food stays warmer, and you have less dishes! It's a Win, Win!


    • Substitute the Potatoes with Any Veggie You Like

    • Don't like Lemons? No problem use Apples, Rosemary, Thyme, or a Garlic Rub

    The point is this is easy, if you like certain foods, then use what you like.

    Happy Cooking!

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