12pc Enamel Bowl Sets, Orange Sponge Pattern

Product Description

Enamel on steel has lasted the test of time because it works! Store your food safely with this bowl set that can do so many things. Use as a serving dish, mixing bowl, and storage container. Storage is easy since each bowl will nest inside one another when they are not in use. Give them a try!


  • Item #44950

  • Air Tight (BPA free) Plastic Lids

  • Set Contains 6 Bowls & 6 Lids

  • Bowl Capacities: 12 cups, 9 cups, 6 cups, 3 cups, 2 cups

  • Enameled Steel Bowl with Stainless Steel Rims

  • Largest Bowl Measures 8¾" D x 4½" H

  • Made in Thailand

$21.00 $41.99