The MAWA® Hanger Company

In 1948 Martin Wagner had the vision to manufacture the best clothes hanger in the world. That dream became a fully automated manufacturing process that combines specialized machinery, professional designers/engineers, and experienced sales staff. MAWA® pioneered the market with patented technology such as turnable hooks, anti-slip coating and clip hangers. MAWA® hangers are "The Original", and all others are just Chinese copies. The production facility is located in Pfaffenhofen, Germany, ideally located near the high quality material sources used in manufacturing. MAWA® delivers 100% 'Made in Germany' clothes hangers to 58 countries to ensure high quality materials and designs are offered throughout the world.

Managing director, Michaela Schenk has made consumer safety her top priority. All materials used for production can be recycled and water consumption in the manufacturing process has been reduced by 80%. MAWA® is environmental friendly and certified in accordance with Germany's strict ecologic standards. The culmination of European standards and MAWA's dedication to high standards, result in a production which is not hazardous to the customer or planet.

 Reston Lloyd is the exclusive distributor of MAWA® Under license from MAWA GmbH