Romertopf Clay Information

 Where is the actual clay from?

Römertopf clay roasters are manufactured in Germany (Excludes Reco International version of Römertopf which were manufactured in Mexico). To have superior steaming effect and quality you first have to start with an excellent clay resource. All Römertopf products are made from all natural clay which is farmed from a very famous region in Germany for its superior clay. Ransbach-Baumbach, Germany has one of the best clay quarries in the world which can be found in the Westerwald. Lower Westerwald region borders on the Rhine and Lahn river valley landscapes and manifests itself as the western and southwestern part of the Westerwald, which is a heavily eroded mountain range with elevations ranging from 200 to 400 m. The subsidence areas found within (Dierdorfer Senke, Montabaurer Senke) are known for their clay deposits. Indeed, the name for this small region is the Kannenbackerland, or "Jug Bakers' Land", a reference to the traditional ceramic industry there.


Does the clay have harmful lead in it?

No, Römertopf is free of harmful lead and cadmium. Not only has Römertopf passed all FDA testing and requirements along with California Prop-65, but more importantly Römertopf has passed testing by United Kingdom standards. Römertopf has been food tested in accordance with DIN EN 1388-1 (test which determines the possibility of leach-able lead and cadmium into food) and passed with flying colors! Römertopf continues to have a long history of high quality and safe products which you can feel good about using on a daily basis for you and your family.


What is in the glaze?

On each Römertopf you will find that the bottom section on the inside has been glazed with a glass lining. This lining is not made of any non-stick chemicals which you might find on frying pans and other cookware. This is a glass material which also has been tested by all regulatory divisions and is 100% safe to cook in. This glaze is used so that cleaning the Römertopf will be so much easier. The glaze doesn't in anyway take away from the cooking benefits of the clay roaster. All natural clay cooking using the steaming principles to provide you with healthy, fall off the bone results. When you fill the bottom section with food, steaming is no longer possible which is why Römertopf applied the glass frit lining so that you can benefit from a quick clean up!


Is there anything added to the clay even though it is safe?

   Rest assured there is . . .

NO - Lead

NO - Cadmium

NO - Color Dyes

NO - Plasticizers

NO - Petalite

There are NO dangerous additives in your Römertopf.



No Basting Necessary!!!!

The principle of the Römertopf is very simple; when moistened, the fine pores in the porous clay soak up water; this in turn creates a gentle layer of steam to develop around the dish in the oven as well as inside the Römertopf. As a result, nothing dries out. At the same time, the crust, so highly esteemed by good cooks, can develop.

Roasts are cooked to perfection - succulent and juicy on the inside, crust on the outside. And you didn't have to do anything! No basting or watching to make sure you roast doesn't dry out. The flavors of the various ingredients of stews and puddings melt together to an ideal blend. Soups simmer slowly and gently for hours without forming a skin or crust.

Try it and see how easy the Römertopf is to use