Romertopf FAQ's


What is the difference between the Römertopf's made in Germany and Römertopf's by Reco International, "Natures Oven"?

Answer: Until last year (2013) Römertopf's which were made in Germany were not available in the United States or Canada. Reco International had the exclusive rights to make Römertopf clay roasters in their Mexico factory and exclusively distribute them for these two countries. There are a few differences to these two manufacturers. Reco International's models are unglazed and made in Mexico. There are other styles and models which Reco International made exclusively themselves and were never carried by Römertopf Germany. Their sizes are similar but not exactly the same. For this reason we do not recommend buying replacement parts for the Reco International models with Römertopf Germany parts.

What is the glaze made of?

Answer: On each Römertopf you will find that the bottom section on the inside has been glazed with a glass lining. This lining is not made of any non-stick chemicals used on frying pans and other cookware. This is a glass material which also has been tested by all regulatory divisions and is 100% safe to cook in. This glaze is used so that cleaning the Römertopf will be so much easier.

Why is the pot's bottom section glazed?

Answer: The glaze doesn't in anyway take away from the cooking benefits of clay cooking. All natural clay cooking using the steaming principles to provide you with healthy, fall off the bone results. When you fill the bottom section with food, steaming is no longer possible which is why Römertopf applied the glass frit lining so that you can benefit from a quick and easy clean up!

Why does the lid not have a tight fit to the bottom?

Answer: There is a narrow gap of between 1/10th of an inch and 1/5th of an inch between the top and bottom part; this is no mistake but designed to regulate the pressure in the closed dish and permits small amounts of steam to escape to reduce pressure.

Can this go on the range of the oven?

Answer: These clay roasters are not safe for the rangetop or with the use of a diffuser. However, you can use them in your oven (any type) and they can withstand temperatures all the way up to 900°F. They are also safe to use in your microwave oven. 

Can you cook different food items in the Römertopf like fish and still be able to cook other meats?

Answer: One of the best features of Römertopf is that you can cook anything you want from one day to the next. You can cook roast pork one night and then bread or something else. The Römertopf's top lid will get "seasoned" but not enough to transfer smells to make one dish taste like another. We only recommend that if you are cooking in your Römertopf for the very first time, choose any dish you like but fish. If for some reason you retain an odor, follow the deep cleaning instructions to clean out the pores to your Römertopf.

What is the product Schlemmertopf?

Answer: Reston Lloyd introduced the Glazed Schlemmertopf to the United States over 40 years ago. It was manufactured in Germany and came with the glazed inner bottom section. This was the first brand to introduce the glass frit lining which allowed the pot to be cleaned with ease. Römertopf also began applying this glass frit lining to their products but the German made Römertopf was not available to the United States or Canada. Therefore, Reston Lloyd was the exclusive distributor for the Schlemmertopf so that the United States and Canada markets could benefit from the excellent quality of German made products. Now that Reston Lloyd is the exclusive distributor of Römertopf from Germany there was no need to continue the Schlemmertopf line. This product is no longer being manufacturered. However, if you are in need of a replacement part, please contact Reston Lloyd at

Can I buy a replacement part for my Reco Römertopf from you?

Answer: Reco International is now out of business. Reston Lloyd doesn't have any replacements parts for these models.

What is your product warranty on Römertopf?

Answer: Reston Lloyd offers a one-year limited guarantee on all Römertopfs. This warranty is limited to manufacturing defects, error or damage in shipping which are reported within 30 days from purchase. Improper use or abuses of product will nullify warranty.

What happen if my Römertopf stops absorbing water like it used to?

Answer: Over time, the pores in the clay will get build up and not absorb water as well as it did. This is usually after about 100 or so uses. You will find cleaning instruction on how to go about doing a deep cleaning and your pot will be good as new. Click here for the instructions or go to the cleaning tab on this site.

If I broke a piece off, can I glue it back on?

Answer: While this is clever, please do not do this. Glue is not food safe and you don't want to contaminate your dish with toxins. Go to the replacements tab and find your model for available parts.

Can I use a crock pot liner in my Romertopf?

Answer: For customers who may have older Romertopf version which don't have the glazed lining, we have been asked if they can use a crock pot liner to help with the clean up. After research we are unable to determine if the companies who manufacture the liners, are made to handle oven temperatures. Therefore we would have to recommend against using them in our clay roasters.

What does it mean if I see lines in the glaze?

Answer: Once in a while you might see hairlines in the glaze. This can occur during the heating and cooling process of the glass frit glaze of the clay roaster. This will not cause your Römertopf from working properly. If you see large fissures or a crack that is both in the glaze and can be seen on the outside of the pot, then stop using it. It is then suggested to get a replacement part so that you can avoid the pot from breaking

Why is the glazed lining different in the turkey size model (#99117) vs. all the other models?

Answer: Our model number 99117 which is our largest size Römertopf can hold up to an 18 lb turkey. Each Römertopf is glazed with a glass frit material (see question above as reference to the description of this material). However, with the largest size the same material is mixed inside the clay vs applied on top for the final baking process. This is done due to the size of the clay roaster, but this is the exact same material and functions the same way, which will allow for easy clean up.