Romertopf First Time Use

First Time Use

New Römertopf Preperation

We are so happy you are ready to try out Römertopf! Here is what you will need to know for the first time use of your clay roaster.

    Before using it for the very first time, your Römertopf needs a really good soak. You will need to fill the lid with water and let it sit for 30-40 minutes. You will only need to soak it this long only once. Any time you use the pot from here on, your soaking time is only 20 minutes before each use. After the long soak is complete you need to use a brush to loosen any clay dust particles which may still be attached as a result of the manufacturing process.


Important Tips - as Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

  1. Always soak the lid before you prepare your meal. If you begin with soaking your lid then work on your ingredients preparation, then when your food is ready to coo, the lid is ready too.

  2. Always put the Römertopf in a cold oven. Never pre-heat a oven when working with Römertopf. If you have a gas oven which is always warm, see the temperature guide so you get the right settings.

  3. When trying out a new recipe check on the progress of your dish 15 minutes before the finished time to see if it is done.

    When removing from your oven, place it on a wooden cutting board or trivet (See our accessories for our cutting board) or use a dish towel. What you are trying not to do is shock the clay by placing it on a very cold surface, which could break the roaster.

      This will get you started but make sure you read the other sections; temperature, Cleaning, and FAQ's for more helpful tips.