Romertopf Temperatures


Setting the temperature based on your oven type

#1 RULE - Do not pre-heat your oven

  • When starting the cooking process, place your Römertopf in the middle of your oven. Then set the oven to the temperature indicated by the recipe.

  • The ideal temperature for cooking in the Römertopf is between 375°F - 500°F

  • Dishes with a very long cooking time require a lower temperature then those which cook quickly

  • If you are trying a new recipe, choose an average temperature of 425°F or look for a similar recipe in your Römertopf cook book if you have one.

Electric Ovens

  • When using an electric oven, set the temperature as directed by the recipe. The oven's thermostat will ensure that the oven heats up slowly and gently.

  • For fan assisted oven, reduce the temperature by about 40°F

Gas Ovens

  • For gas stoves set at the lowest temperature initially and then gradually adjust to the desire cooking temperature.

Gas Ovens that are always warm

  • When using a gas oven, generating the full heat right from the beginning, initially set the temperature to gas mark 3 (375°F) and increase it by one gas mark every five minutes, until the required temperature has been reached.

Microwave Oven

  • When using a microwave, we suggest referring to the microwave version of our printed cook book for each temperature information. In general tnder cuts of meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruit and desserts are cooked on HIGH power (microwave with 600-700 watt output) MEDIUM and MEDIUM-LOW are used most often for less tender cuts such as pot roasts and stews. Combinations of power levels are used for soups, rice and some casseroles.

Important Notes

  • When you first cook in a clay pot, check on the cooking process about 10 minutes before the suggested cooking time, or 15 minutes for using a convection oven.

  • The Römertopf may only be used in a oven or microwave oven. It is never to be used on a stove rangetop (hot plate) or open flame.