6pc Acrylic Canister Set, Charcoal

Product Description

This 6pc clear acrylic canister set will have so much use in your home. Use it as storage in your kitchen with your baking products, pasta, nuts or beans. Maybe try using them to organize your bathroom with cotton balls, Q-tips, or bath salts. Try them in your office or craft room as well. And finally, don't forget about your furry friend, these canisters can be great to hold pet food, treats, and supplies.


    • Item #11111

    • Acrylic Canisters with Plastic Lids (airtight)

    • Capacities 72oz (8.75 cups) | Dimensions  5.5"D x 9.5"H (8"H without lid)

    • 40oz (5 cups) | Dimensions 5"D x 7.75"H (6.75"H without lid)

    • 28oz (3.5 cups) | Dimensions 4.25"D x 6.75"H (5.5"H without lid)

    • Responsiby Made in China